About us

Guiding Principle

Our idea of man is affected by the value of social and cultural diversity. All concepts of living together as well as humans of different cultures and religions belong to our society.

Our work is always aimed at vizualizing connectional commonalities between these various life scripts and consequently, to foster the participation of all people in this society.

We avow ourselves to the commandments of equality of the General Declaration of Human Rights which were completed and anchored in the constitutional law.

The General Equal Treatment Act of 2006, which was passed to implement the protection of human rights in the European Union, constitutes the basis for our work.

Our doors are open for all people who have suffered from discrimination or have been impinged upon their dignity.

We reserve our right to break off counseling procedures if we hear any comments which either demonstrate defiance of human rights or are hostile to the Constitution.

The Anti- discrimination Agency in Saxony- Anhalt is the central and independent contact point for all humans who have suffered from any kind of disadvantage in the different areas of life.

We offer a qualified counseling for those people who feel discriminated due to the following attributes:

  • racist ascription and ethnic origin
  • gender and gender identity
  • religion/ ideology
  • disability
  • age
  • sexual identity

As an independent ombudsman we offer affected people assistance with enforcing their rights for the protection against discrimination.


We cooperate with a network of various authorities and institutions:

Public Relations

Here you can download the flyer of our range of services in different languages.

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